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5 Ways Monitoring Food & Beverage Production is Beneficial

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By Deanna Radford - August 06, 2018

The benefits of monitoring production in your food and beverage factory with IIoT solutions can be experienced at monetary and operational levels. IIoT solutions can also be implemented by manufacturers, processing facilities, suppliers and retailers.

Here is a summary of five ways to monitor food and beverage production from the Merit Solutions blog

1. Improved Operational Efficiency
: “Leveraging IoT will reduce equipment downtime, increase energy savings, and will improve the overall efficiency of your equipment.”

2. Better Food Safety: “Various types of sensors can be used to monitor essential production states, shipping times and real-time temperature tracking."

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3. Supply Chain Visibility: “Implementing traceability and transparency along the global supply chain makes tracking products for customers and organizations easier... IoT technologies connect your systems to real-time product data and provide added benefits that lead to cost savings, improved inventory management and faster lead times. IoT will also help by identifying and solving supply chain inefficiencies.”

Production & Storage: “IoT sensors assist with product tracking, quality control, and employee activities while having real-time analysis of production. Inaccuracies can be identified as the sensors inspect each part of the production process at all times and corrections can be made before it is too late.”

Waste Reduction: “The possibility of effortlessly monitoring each stage of all your food products is a reality with IoT...a reduction in food wastage and cost savings for the organization.” 

Source + read the entire article.

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