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AI in Baking for Real-Time Predictions

By Elizabeth Consolante - December 06, 2018

A challenge that many manufacturers in the baking industry face pertains to managing and forecasting the production supply to accurately answer day-to-day demand. That is exactly what Bakkersland, the biggest baking company in the Netherlands, was experiencing before using information technology and artificial intelligence to optimize their turnover and service levels. To reduce food waste and increase customer satisfaction, the company partnered with GoDataDriven, part of the Xebia Group, to develop an AI model that establishes the optimal amount of fresh bread products, per grocery store, per day, over a lengthy period through the analysis of transactional details paired with external data. Their model also includes a data cleaning process which filters mistakes made at the cash registers as well as a component that couples the retailers' codes with Bakkersland's product codes.


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Aside from increasing their sales and product availability, by implementing this innovative technology, the company was able to decrease their quantity of unsold products and better anticipate the demand of otherwise sold-out products. Moreover, they developed the ability of better serve individual customer requests.


We strongly encourage you to read more on Bakkersland's experience with IoT and AI. See for yourself the incredible impact of this predictability capacity.

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