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Baking Industry 4.0 : Baguettes

By Elizabeth Consolante - December 03, 2018

Entrepreneur at heart, Liliane Colpron joined by her three kids, realized her dream and founded in 1991 what became an empire and emblem here, in the Montreal bread scene. Première Moisson sells numerous baking goods including pastries, cakes and pies, as well as cold cuts, meals made on premise, frozen products and other gourmet specialties all while keeping a wide variety of breads at the core of their offering. In 2014, major Canadian grocer Metro acquired 75% of the company's share, allowing the baking company to further differentiate itself and leverage its growth by expanding outside of Quebec.

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A Success Story Worth Mentioning 

The story between Première Moisson and Worximity began four years ago when the first sensors were installed in their Laval plant. Now fast forward to this past August when the company added our technology to a second factory. In total, TileConnect sensors have been set up on 10 machines. These include transformation lines for the various items produced such as pastries, baguettes, ciabattas and other breads, ovens and packaging lines. To monitor the output of their production, the third and most complete version of our Smart Factory Analytics package was chosen, with the company giving a particular attention to downtimes, the cause of these downtimes and overall efficiency of their production lines.

Ever since they undertook this smart factory initiative, Première Moisson has seen tremendous results. In their first plant, they've significantly decreased their downtimes by focusing on smaller downtimes at first. They were able to save nearly 8 hours of production time per week. Furthermore, very shortly after having implemented this technology in their second plant, major downtimes were brought to the company's plant manager leading to a serious need to focus on internal efficiencies. With real-time data, he became aware of true values pertaining to their yield rather than approximates from operators.

 Real Time Production Insights for Food Industry - Dairy_Meat_Bakery_Beverage_Snack Foods Processors

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The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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Real Time Production Insights for Food Industry - Dairy_Meat_Bakery_Beverage_Snack Foods Processors