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Why Monitor Mixing Process? Deli Meat Processing Series Part 2

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By Adrian Evi - August 10, 2018

How can you optimize the deli meat mixing process? In the Deli Meat Processing Series Part 2, walk through the smart deli meat transformation process and help you determine the best course of action to reduce production costs with real-time monitoring using TileBoard.

Deli Meat Mix - batching

Typically, the next step after grinding in the meat processing value chain for deli sausage is mixing. Often in mixing we are working with machinery brands such as Weiler, Reiser, Hobart and others. A well-managed mixing process is essential for quality deli sausage product. It’s important for the ground protein mix, spices and flavorings to be mixed sufficiently to provide a consistent flavor throughout. Under-mixing leads to an uneven product and over-mixing creates a mashed product that is unappealing to consumers.


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Most commercial meat mixers are operated through a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that automatically handles recipes. However, we find that operator error or lack of training can mean that the optimum mixing process for a specific recipe is not always followed.

Monitoring the mixing process with TileBoard provides a quality backstop to ensure product consistency and to minimize the chances of producing a poor quality product.


Deli Meat Mixing KPIs

  • Batch quantity
  • Batch mixing time
  • Batch weight (via a weigher or checkweigher connectivity)

In this video from the How It's Made series, see the deli meat process from start to finish.


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