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Video: Digital Manufacturing Begins With Real-Time Monitoring

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By Deanna Radford - July 28, 2018

"We were looking for a solution that would allow us to drive continuous improvement to gain that incremental capacity in an automated approach, something that was real-time that we could operate and utilize on a daily basis." -Frank Hacker

Real-time monitoring & continuous improvement on a daily basis using Digital Manufacturing technology

In the following video, Frank Hacker, General Manager and Pat Rusch, Operations Manager of Rockline Industries explains how Smart Factory Technologies lead the way in Digital Manufacturing.


Rockline Industries is a global packaging company that specializes in consumer products and specialize in coffee filters and wet wipes. Rockline invested in real-time monitoring and "KPI software to push its overall equipment effectiveness levels." 

This video is accompanied by an article by Grant Gerke of Automation World.

Source + read the complete article.


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