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Food Manufacturing 4.0: The Proof is in the Data

By Elizabeth Consolante - December 19, 2018

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, many food manufacturers are exposed to pressures relating to increasing efficiencies all while reducing consumption. Executives are turning towards smart factory technologies such as artificial intelligence, asset performance management and industrial internet of things to better compete in their field that is undergoing a major disruption. With the help of algorithms, patterns can be identified in the behaviour of assets and future performance can be predicted with this data. From this, certain benefits can be derived such as cost savings, lower energy consumption, lengthened life of assets and improved overall efficiency.


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Food manufacturers have an abundance of data at their disposal. IIoT is able to deliver significant meaningful information to companies choosing to implement such technologies to their processes. It contributes to modernizing industries that are lacking the proper tools to enhance their performance and require technological advancements to do so. IIoT technologies generate an immense amount of data and this number will only be ascending as companies incorporate more sensors and other devices to their factories to track various aspects of their production.

Moreover, with the data intelligence and predicted patterns extracted from AI tools, analysts will be able to make more enlightened decisions, improve the production's throughput as well as increase their revenue retention.


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