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IIoT Manufacturing Success Examples

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By Emilie A Lachance - November 14, 2019

The manufacturing industry is transforming itself. More and more companies are investing in IIoT capabilities, with an estimated $70 billion to be invested in IoT solutions in 2020 by global manufacturers. The IIoT offers great advantages to those who implement it, which results in numerous benefits. IIoT-type technology can be applied anywhere and to a wide range of equipment and processes. It provides companies with valuable information and stores it in a cloud-based software where any desired party can access, observe and analyze it. Big, small and growing names in the industry are investing in IIoT, and their success stories reveal the great capabilities this technology has to improve your operations as well.

Some Examples of Manufacturing IIoT Success Are:
  • Airbus: this big aerospace corporation has launched a digital manufacturing initiative based in IIoT called ‘Factory of the Future’. The company has integrated sensors and tools in its shop floors and given workers wearable technologies such as ‘smart glasses’. The technologies are designed to reduce errors and increase safety in the workspace. The information collected from these devices are sent to robotic tools which complete different types of tasks. This connectivity speeds up manufacturing while reliability and quality improves.
  • Amazon: the online retail giant uses IIoT to optimize its logistics operations. Amazon uses WiFi connected robots to collect and sort items in their big warehouses. This is a big scale human-machine collaboration made possible by IIoT technology and has helped Amazon cut operations costs by 20%.
  • Fanuc: the robotic maker uses IIoT to minimize downtime in its industrial facilities. Using sensors and cloud-based analytics, Fanuc can predict when the failure of a robot or system is about to happen. Fanuc calls this the ‘Zero Downtime System’ and it has been widely recognized as the most aggressive action to minimize, if not eliminate, robotic system downtime.

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