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Measuring OEE with MULTIVAC Packaging Equipment

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By Emilie A Lachance - February 12, 2020

Most manufacturing managers are familiar with MULTIVAC packaging equipment, but they may not be as familiar with the many benefits and advantages this company's equipment can provide. MULTIVAC offers manufacturers considerable depth of experience with more than 50 years of designing, developing, and installing food, beverage, and other packaging equipment. To learn more about Multivac, visit their website online here

MULTIVAC Equipment and Applications

MULTIVAC manufactures a wide variety of packaging, thermoforming, and support equipment for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The range of equipment it builds can accommodate most manufacturing applications. The company offers various packaging and thermoforming solutions through one or more of MULTIVAC's eight equipment/technology family groups, including:

  • Thermoforming packaging machines
  • Traysealers
  • Vacuum chamber machines
  • Automation
  • Quality inspection systems
  • Marking systems
  • Portioning equipment
  • Slicing equipment

These products cover packaging applications in the food, beverage, and bakery industries, as well as product slicing, portioning, and filling. MULTIVAC applies its extensive automation technologies and engineering skills for applications ranging from single pieces of packaging equipment up to fully automated high-volume production lines. Because of their diverse technological approaches, MULTIVAC packaging machines ensure maximum throughput and production line flexibility.   

How Worximity Improves MULTIVAC Production Throughput

Once installed, MULTIVAC equipment becomes a single (or small group of) component(s) along a line of other process steps in the overall manufacturing operation. Because the entire line works as a whole, a production manager must maintain the whole line as a single operating unit when measuring performance or allocating resources.

Worximity supplies food processors with real-time data capture and analysis for production operations. Our plug-and-play system designed especially for MULTIVAC equipment is an “end-of-line” production monitoring solution for maintaining and improving plant performance. Using Worximity's suite of Smart Factory analytics software, vital performance data is collected and consolidated, allowing managers to monitor the equipment, line, or total operation through one system. 

Of particular importance is measuring performance at end-of-line operations. The effectiveness of the packaging and labeling process steps can be taken as a proxy for the effectiveness of the overall line because packaged and labeled products are the primary marketable items. Using Worximity's approach to real-time data collection and analysis can provide managers with the following benefits.

Improved Overall Plant Productivity

By monitoring packaging line performance, Worximity's analytics give production measures that reflect overall plant performance. In general, end-of-line metrics tell a manager how the entire line is performing.

Reduced Downtime

Worximity Smart Sensors gather downtime data and present this data along with descriptions of downtime causes. This is crucial information needed to make adjustments for keeping equipment up and running and for maintaining scheduled feeds and speeds. Additionally, less downtime means more production and better use of resources.

Increased Throughput

Worximity's analytics measure more than downtime; they measure slowdowns, out-of-adjustment feeds and speeds, and incorrect fill rates. All of these show on Worximity's TileBoard displays, providing the data needed to make mid-run adjustments to bring processes back under control.

Higher OEE Metrics

OEE is an excellent overall measure of line performance. By tracking OEE, managers can gauge how effective improvements and changes to procedures and methods have been for both production and line performance. When any component of OEE begins to deteriorate, the OEE value is immediately affected. Trained employees use this information to initiate action to correct the problem(s) before poor performance accumulates.

Download our OEE Calculator

High-Quality Labeling and Packaging

Packaging is the customer-facing messaging that represents your brand, output quality, and product value. Also, packaging protects perishable items from external elements that deteriorate the product's look, quality, and shelf-life. MULTIVAC packaging equipment produces high-quality packaging and labeling, and Worximity's performance solutions help MULTIVAC perform at its maximum effectiveness.

MULTIVAC Users Partner with Worximity to Improve Plant Operations

Any food and beverage processor using MULTIVAC packaging machines can leverage its productivity by partnering with Worximity. Worximity's productivity solutions raise the bar for standards of performance across packaging lines through reduced downtime, consistent feeds and speeds, and accurate slicing, portion, and filling controls.

When MULTIVAC customers partner with Worximity, we use our proprietary plug-and-play sensors engineered especially for MULTIVAC equipment. This design allows rapid deployment of Worximity's suite of productivity-enhancing Smart Factory analytics solutions. Equipment performance data is wirelessly transmitted to Worximity's analytics software, and real-time results are displayed on TileBoards (dashboards) located throughout the factory.

Employees can monitor performance on an ongoing basis and take immediate corrective actions should something go wrong. Monitoring end-of-line performance gives managers a picture of overall factory performance and provides the data needed to gauge the effectiveness of performance improvement programs. Visit us online to learn about how Worximity can integrate with your MULTIVAC equipment to make your plant performance the strongest it can be, or contact us today to learn about a trial implementation.

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The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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