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OEE & Food Manufacturing

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By Emilie A Lachance - August 12, 2019

In the Food manufacturing industry, ever smaller margins have resulted in a push for efficiency. Less downtime is essential to maintaining a profitable business. This is why 75% of food manufacturers measure OEE, compared to other industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing with an OEE implementation rate of less than 50%.

How Does OEE Help in Food Manufacturing

OEE is an effective indicator of manufacturing performance. It's particularly valuable for food manufacturing and processing businesses because much of food manufacturing is machinery intensive. 

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Measuring Downtime

Downtime can have many causes. Root causes of downtime can be poor or no maintenance, poor or no training, equipment breakages, lack of product from upstream equipment and more. With such slim operating margins, any downtime at all can be the difference between a company being viably profitable and not. Equipping manufacturing machines with the right smart factory solutions to measure OEE in real time allows you to improve your downtime response times and over time to identify root causes of downtime and to develop proactive responses. 

Real-time sensors such as Worximity’s TileConnect and OEE Performance Monitoring Tool allow for continuous and fast data collection for monitoring equipment performance through OEE.

What does an OEE roadmap look like for food manufacturers? The 30,000 foot view of a roadmap looks like this.

Real-time data collection steps for OEE:

  • Create an interface for connecting to any machine within a food manufacturing facility for OEE monitoring
  • Increase response rates to machine or line faults by streamlining performance data such as production rate and amount of downtime
  • Store data collected from multiple machines or lines in a network for a structural analysis of equipment performance and root cause analysis

Many food companies report an increase in OEE, and in turn, savings after implementing real-time monitoring solutions. Organic and non-GMO companies particularly benefit from real-time solutions as they have stricter labeling standards. Real-time solutions allow for better synchronization between equipment such as processing and packaging lines with labeling, increasing the overall efficiency of equipment performance.

OEE Testimonial

“The use of sensors and TileBoard has a real impact on our throughput. These technologies allow us to know what is going on in the factory at any time and from anywhere in the world. With the email alerts, our response time is better and the corrective actions are quickly taken. We can do more in the same period of time.” 



Nature's Touch Frozen Foods

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