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Overall Productivity Increases by More Than 14% in a Cheese Factory

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By Julie-Maude Arbour - January 16, 2018

Since Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL) began using TileBoard, real-time monitoring on 5 production lines has increased the plant's overall productivity by 14% by increasing yield using the same amount of resources.

Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL) is a producer-owned co-op with dairy processing and retail food distribution facilities throughout PEI. These plants process close to 100 million liters of fresh island milk each year and employ over 250 staff.

Dairy Success Story! Smart Factory Analytics

The client could not access real-time data and wanted to find a universal monitoring solution that would work at all its sites and factories, and would involve easy-to-use technology that could be implemented quickly. He wanted to keep a constant eye on production from anywhere and anytime so he could better control performance.

Initially, Tyler Kowalski, operational improvement coordinator at ADL, had four main goals in mind when implementing TileBoard at his plant. He wanted staff to be able to see what was happening in real time, from anywhere in the plant, in order to increase his employees’ accountability and motivation. In fact, it has been shown that simply making data available to plant operators generally results in a near 10% increase in performance. Tyler also wanted to count and record the number of downtimes so they could be reduced and the percentage of availability increased. Finally, he wanted to confirm production rates and set realistic standards to meet his objectives.

"Worximity has allowed ADL to see what is truly happening in terms of production in real time each day.  We can now view downtimes and production speeds, which will help us to continuously improve all of our production lines." - Tyler Kowalski, ADL, Operational Improvement Coordinator

In just 4 months after TileBoard was implemented, ADL has seen a 7% gain in uptime and better responsiveness from floor employees. In addition, the length of downtimes has been reduced by an average of over 15%. The company’s digital switch-over to a smart factory has also contributed to savings of $0.15/unit in labor costs.

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