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Podcast: What is Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry?

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By Claude Archambault - August 07, 2018

What is digital transformation within the manufacturing industry and how is it effecting the industry? The president of the Association for Manufacturing Technology is Doug Woods and in an interview on the Making Chips podcast he discusses the answers to these questions and his experience with manufacturing leaders from around the world.  


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Woods says manufacturing leaders "don’t have to dive into new technology all at once.” By developing a strategy, “He encourages leaders to assess their areas of expertise. By finding a digital solution that can enhance your position in the market, you can begin the process of transformation in your company.” 

Other points of conversation in the program hosted by Jason Zenger and Jim Carr include the manufacturing industry image, the specific technologies at the forefront of the digital transformation, the importance of developing a strategy and cultivating a positive culture in your company and other “tips on how your company can benefit from the digital transformation.”  


Source + listen to the podcast. 

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