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Process Expo Interview - Real-Time Production Line Monitoring in the Age of IIoT

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By Emilie A Lachance - September 02, 2019

We had a chance to give an interview to from Process Expo as we will be exhibiting at the Show from October 8 to 11, 2019 in Chicago. We share a few part of the article below and invite you to read the full article "Real-Time Production Line Monitoring in the Age of IIoT" here.

We interviewed Emilie Lachance, Chief Marketing Officer at Worximity, to learn about how simple and cost-effective it can be to make IIoT work for every production line, even ones that contain processing equipment from multiple OEMs. 

Worximity’s solution has a few advantages compared to the IIoT solutions developed by OEMs. First, it’s easy to install and implement. “Often, OEM solutions are complex and require a lot of time to deploy,” Lachance says. But, more importantly, it can cover a whole line, even when that line is made up of different suppliers’ equipment. “With the new generation of the sensor, we are often able to connect two, three, or four machines with the same sensor,” she notes. “Because we’re collecting data from all those machines, we can combine everything from the same factory, or from multiple factories if you've got various locations, into the same dashboard.”

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Reducing waste and improving efficiency

With greater insight into production events, plants start addressing the problem that Desmarais set out to solve: too much waste. “When you're a huge manufacturer, the raw material you're using can be expensive,” Lachance says, “and you want to make sure that, in the process of transforming it, you're not losing any more than necessary.” 

“You can reduce waste and improve yield, which means more money in your pocket instead of on the floor.”  

Of course, waste isn’t limited to raw materials. Plants can lose time during equipment breakdowns and maintenance downtime. And if they don’t realize a piece of equipment isn’t operating to its full capacity, they could be missing out on opportunities to boost performance. “Line monitoring can help with all of these things,” Lachance says. “It's really a question of making manufacturers more efficient, reducing costs, and wasting less energy and raw materials.

The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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