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Video: Surproduction - How Worximity and Ishida Weighers Reduce Giveaway for All Product

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By Deanna Radford - August 31, 2018

In this seven minute video, Ishida showcases its CCW-RS Series of multihead weighers, which it developed in 1972. The video features footage from the factory floor showing the various weighers from the series in the production process. The weighers have multiple product menus and are easy to clean making for fast changeovers.


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In this video view how weighers bring higher packing speeds, increased weighing accuracy, and reduction of product giveaway. Weighers also deliver higher production output and increased efficiency overall, which leads to dramatic cost savings



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Implementing weighers along your production line is a key component of continuous improvement technology. By pairing weighers with software that accounts for your production facility's needs, you are working with core tenets of lean manufacturing.

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Worximity is deeply committed to the philosophies of Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing in food manufacturing. Using our IoT technology we provide company wide visibility into the statistics that matter to manufacturers and accelerate TTV (Time to Value) of investments in company culture and training to achieve outstanding productivity.


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The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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