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The rise of data monitoring solutions - FoodBev October 2020

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By Emilie A Lachance - October 01, 2020

Worximity recently gave an interview to the FoodBev magazine A watchful eye. The rise of data monitoring solutions.

The benefits offered by real-time data was also asserted by Emilie Lachance, chief marketing officer of Worximity, a Canadian technology company that specialises in real-time monitoring solutions for food and beverage processors: “With real-time and precise data, you can do more with fewer resources. It allows managers to reduce waste, improve efficiency, use less energy and less raw material to achieve the same or even better end results.

“Gathering all the data from various pieces of equipment is also important. Many machines have screens and data available, but you need to centralise the information from all your machines to have a complete overview of your bottleneck and design a corrective action plan.”

Real-time data that can be accessed remotely could be an important resource in a post-Covid world, as production managers might not necessarily be on a factory floor to gather data and monitor machinery in person. “With Covid-19, a lot of C-level staff and directors are managing remotely, so having the data in real-time is crucial to keep the factory running as efficiently as possible,” Lachance added.

According to Lachance, as more manufacturers implement “made-to-order” business models, real-time data will be key due to rapidly changing production demands. She also claimed that real-time data is far more effective for monitoring production than conventional monitoring solutions, as: “Traditional weekly reports for yield and overall equipment efficiency do not allow manufacturers to react quickly enough to a problematic situation. Having the data in real-time can make the difference between profit and loss,” she concluded.

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