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Three What-ifs Driving Successful Change

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By Deanna Radford - August 14, 2018

As food and beverage manufacturers look toward digital transformation and implementing smart manufacturing, there’s a lot of emphasis on the technology itself and how the technology works. Thought-leader and Hitachi Consulting Vice President Susan Anderson has written extensively about the importance of people within the digital transformation process.  In “The Power of What If?” she asks to three critical critical questions that point to possibilities that can deepen the benefits of the digital transformation process. 


Historically, Anderson says, “success depended on investment in a well-planned roadmap, implemented with careful and methodical approaches. Those days are gone. Instead, we’re seeing more of our clients thrive in adaptive and flexible operating models.”  



Three what-ifs driving successful change 

1. What if you could drive new ways of thinking in your organization and pioneer new ways to solve problems? 

2. What if you could drive innovation in customer engagement, creating ‘sticky’ factors that increase retention? 

3. What if your team could work more efficiently and learn from mistakes quickly, without fear of repercussions? 

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