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Video: How IoT Transformed Operations at this Stanley Black & Decker Facility

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By Deanna Radford - August 13, 2018

In this four-minute video, see how IoT solutions were implemented right on the shop floor within a complex manufacturing environment. Stanley Black & Decker is a global manufacturer of products and DeWalt is a professional power tool brand. The plant in Reynosa, Mexico, is its most powerful manufacturing facility in the world.  Photographed: Leticia Salas, Stanley Black & Dekcer Continuous Improvement Manager.


To implement an IoT solution, Gary Frederich (CIO, Industrial and Automotive Division) says, “the challenges at Reynosa were two-fold. They were marrying technology with people and make that as seamless and integrated as possible. And the second was to improve the efficiency of our lines and deploying our assets—both people and material across those lines...We’ve seen how IT can be the electricity of the factory. People on the shop floor are now embracing technology because the technology is so transparent to them.” 


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Plant Manager (DeWalt Power Tools) Mike Amaya says, We implemented the solution on five lines [in the factory.] Before the implementation, the average those lines were running at was about 75% efficiency. Right now, we’re running about 95, 96% efficiency. We’re looking at making our labor force 10% more efficient. Our quality has improved, Our warranty returns have improved as well.” 



Watch the video.



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