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What's Trending in 2019?

By Elizabeth Consolante - January 08, 2019

We have recently rung in the new year and whoever says new year, says new resolutions, goals and strategies. Like many others, companies are redefining their business approach for the upcoming year by looking into what's the next best thing they can leverage to be first movers and pioneers in their industry.

Gartner, a powerhouse firm in the field of global research and consulting, has pointed out ten trends that will be predominant in 2019, particularly in the IT and Technology sphere. Although some of these sound familiar, here are the topics you should consider adding to your agenda  when discussing your plan of action as they are worth a further exploitation:


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1. Autonomous Things

Using Artificial Intelligence to automate functions previously performed by humans

2. Augmented Analytics

Using automated machine learning to transform how analytics content is developed, consumed and shared

3. AI Driven Development

Using Artificial Intelligence to create AI powered development tools, making use of virtual software engineers to generate code

4. Digital Twins

The virtual representation of a real-world entity, system or organization created to improve entreprise decision making

5. Empowered Edge

Placing information processing and content collection and delivery closer to the sources of this information

6. Immersive Experience

Blending artificial, virtual and mixed reality in a way that changes how people perceive their world

7. Blockchain

Injected trust into untrusted environment and disrupting the need for a central regulatory authority through the use of disturbed ledger technology

8. Smart Spaces

Integrating physical and digital environments in order to create a more immersive, interactive and automated experience for the user

9. Digital Ethics and Privacy

Shifting the conversation about data privacy from "Are we compliant?" to "Are we doing the right thing?"

10. Quantum Computing

Improving the problem solving capabilities of traditional computing parallel execution and exponential scalability


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