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Working smarter with TileBoard

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By Julie-Maude Arbour - January 12, 2018

In the software world, we are often confronted with busy customers who lack resources and whose priorities are their day-to-day operations, and maintaining gains from older projects.

Change priorities

"We are too busy. We aren’t ready. We don’t have the resources."

In the digital and IoT age, one thing is certain: priorities are not what they used to be. Many manufacturers, however, remain trapped in the whirlwind of daily events and don’t see the need to accept changes and adjustments to move forward. It is time for the manufacturing industry to explore its options, be on the lookout for opportunities and find the solution that will best meet its specific needs.

Let’s step back for a moment: How can manufacturers work smarter? Are they really too busy everyday to think about possible improvements?

According to a study by CGMA magazine, "What worries boards and management most in 2018", the two risks with the most significant potential impact in 2018 will be the increasingly rapid speed of disruptive innovations and resistance to change, which generally come at the same time, but are in direct contradiction with each other.

How can Worximity help

Worximity's goal is to help manufacturers make a first foray into the IIoT, to become more efficient and centralize information so they can quickly access the data that is important for them. Our simple technologies and its range of features are easy to understand, which translates into hassle-free and quick project implementation. Our support team is there to help manufacturers grow with TileBoard and to help identify opportunities for improvement.

Keep on the lookout, gather as much information as you can and learn how TileBoard can help you work smarter. Without reinventing the wheel, use this new year to set off on a new footing!

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Worximity provides simple realtime technologies to solve food processor pains such as downtime, rejects, waste, overtime; helping them gain profit velocity by improving throughput, yield and OEE.

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