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Wx Success Story - Bakery: La Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye

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By Elizabeth Consolante - November 15, 2018

La Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye is a French cookie manufacturer, counting 250 recipes of authentic Norman cookies to its arsenal. In 2017, they have produced 7200 tons of cookies which amounted to a revenue of 41M euros. Through our French distributor Isatech, the company opted for the Worximity solution and began in the Spring of 2018 their 3-month trial. In the matter of one morning, two sensors were installed on the most sensitive equipment of a given production line, a tablet was placed on relevant machines for real-time data and qualifications of downtimes, the TileBoard software was set up and the team was trained.


"During the trial, we had a conference call every week to answer potential questions. The answers we've obtained were always precise."

- Marc Lebaudy, IT Director

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Upon the end of the trial period, results were so conclusive that the company decided to implement the Wx technology to all three of its production lines this passed September. Through such, they aim to make OEE gains of 5 percent; a realizable objective that is up to results that have been obtained by our local clients.


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